Short video creation with AIVideo recording and text-to-video conversion as simple as 1-2-3! Share videos instead of doing live meetings and text-heavy communications.
Transform your vision into videos
Record and give meeting time back to your teams.
More than 71% of employees perceive meetings as frequent interruptions during their working hours.
Replace text-based communication with videos.
More than 66% people prefer to watching a short video to learn something new instead of reading.
Experiment with Videos for engaging your customers.
Businesses using videos have average 34% more conversions than others using conventional methods.
screen recording
Screen recorder
Use Videozen's screen recording to capture high-quality videos of your screen, webcam, or both. Create tutorials, demonstrations, and record presentations and meetings with ease.
screen recording
Text to Video
Our AI-powered tool turns written content into videos with a few clicks. Upload images or let the AI choose for you. Try it out and see how easy it is to create dynamic, eye-catching videos!